What is the Whole30?

You may have noticed that I mention the Whole30 a lot in my recipes, particularly with regards to making a dish "Whole30 compliant". So what does it mean, and why should you care? The Whole30 is a wildly-popular elimination diet that lasts for thirty days. You can read about it here at Whole9 Life.

In essence, the team at Whole9 Life proposed a number of principles for healthier eating. These principles are summarized at the above Whole30 link, and discussed in greater detail in their book It Starts With Food. After reading their book, I became pretty sold on their way of eating. Truthfully, I was already more or less eating in this fashion except that I was previously eating a ton of dairy. Their meal planning template (PDF) outlines the general meal structure: a hearty portion of animal protein, lots of veggies, and a smattering of healthy fat at each meal with perhaps a bit of fruit. The Whole30 is just the Whole9 way of eating, but done with super-strict 100% adherence for a month with zero indulgences.

So why do I mention the Whole30 so much? It's not that I have a particular fixation on that thirty day period. I use the term "Whole30" as a convenient shorthand. If a recipe is Whole30 compliant, that means that it's comprised of the stuff on which I try to base my diet. It's not a "sensible indulgence", it's not a paleo-ized fascimile of pancakes or pizza, it's not a protein-devoid mass of nuts and fruit, it doesn't contain added sugar or sweeteners -- even "natural" sugar like honey. It's just good whole foods. The Whole30 has clear, specific rules, so it is far less ambiguous than simply declaring something "paleo". Even if you're not embarking upon a Whole30, I think that everyone can appreciate more recipes that meet this criteria. 

You can view a visual index of all my Whole30-compliant recipes here at Pinterest.


alisueonthemove said...

Thank you for the review! I am excited to explore your site more, we are starting the Whole30 at the end of January and your site will be my go to for recipes.

April Thomas said...

This is great news then for those who still wants to enjoy whole food rather than have then in dessicated forms.

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