Stuff I Make My Husband is my recipe blog which primarily focuses on quick weeknight meals, with the occasional indulgence. I have a penchant for crock pot recipes and make-ahead freezer meals. I aim for simple, delicious dishes based on animal protein and lots of veggies.

I'm Erica. I'm a professional software developer by day, amateur boxer by night. I spent most of my life being chubby and out of shape. You can read my transformation story (with pictures) here at Mark's Daily Apple.

My husband fights too; he does MMA in his spare time from being a professor. We live funny dual lives like that. He is also in my corner when I fight, along with my coach.

I love cooking and I love eating. When I lived in New York, I worked at a culinary school in exchange for free classes. I also worked in a restaurant kitchen for a semester. That made me decide that I prefer to cook as a hobby rather than for a living. But I came out of the experience knowing how to make tasty food.
Getting my Fred Flintstone on at Boizao

The food I eat needs to satisfy a number of criteria:
  • Must be delicious!
  • Preparation must be easy enough to fit into my hectic schedule
  • Needs be healthy
  • My husband has to like it, too
My husband is fairly picky and won't eat typical "diet" food, so you won't see any dry chicken and plain broccoli here. My recipes are generally ones which you can feed to anyone -- even kids -- who don't necessarily care about eating healthy and just want something to taste good. My way of eating is suitable to low-carbers, people who eat "paleo"/"primal", or just people trying to eat more protein and veggies.

I miss Spain. There is ham everywhere in Spain, just hanging off of every surface.

Boxing is of course my main sport, but I also powerlift, swim, run, attend yoga and spin classes, and occasionally do some grappling.

Getting ready to spar
Good times
Before my fight in the finals at Women's National Golden Gloves
Powerlifting meet!
Aquathlon! 1k open water swim + 5k run. Triathlon is next -- bike, I will conquer you!!
This is the food that fuels my performance. Hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

wow! you go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Glad I've found this! I'm a female boxer currently cutting weight, can't wait to try out some of your stuff...

Anonymous said...

you look gross- chicks shouldn't be dudes....

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Derek A said...

I love your blog! I'm making the cream cheese pizza now :D

Ron Rogers said...


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