Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving recipe round-up!

I've posted a lot of Thanksgiving recipes in years past. I'm working on a couple new recipes which will be posted next week! But in the meantime, I thought I'd showcase my existing Thanksgiving recipes for anyone starting their menu planning.

Turkey with gravy

I've never roasted a whole turkey on the blog. However, once I made a turkey breast roast so that I could try out my porcini-herb compound butter. Meat with a compound butter instead of gravy is traditional and fancy in a delightfully old-fashioned sort of way. If you avoid lactose and casein, you can substitute ghee, which is pure butterfat with the milk solids clarified out. I served this at Thanksgiving a few years back and everybody loved it.

I've made two low-carb/grain-free stuffing recipes on this blog. The first is herbed "cornbread" stuffing with pancetta and leeks. I made muffins resembling cornbread using coconut flour, and then turned that into stuffing. I did serve this at Thanksgiving and nobody could tell the difference. Maybe if I just served the muffins you'd know it wasn't cornbread, but in stuffing everything is all soaked and mashed up anyway.
The other stuffing recipe that I made is more of a whole foods option that doesn't use alternative flours and doesn't attempt to mimic bread. In fact, this one is Whole30 approved and was featured on Whole9. Cauliflower "wild rice" and sausage stuffing also adds pecans and veggies and results in a yummy but still traditional-tasting side.

Orange veggie

Some kind of orange vegetable always hits Thanksgiving tables. Usually it's sweet potato, but sometimes it's squash or carrots; there are plenty of nice sweet potato recipes out there and I wanted to devise some lower carb options. One of my favorites is sour cream and onion spaghetti squash gratin, which uses coconut milk solids and lemon juice to create a dairy-free sour cream effect. If you eat dairy, spaghetti squash with ricotta, sage, pignoli, and parmesan is a great option. For something a bit sweeter, try my coconut carrot souffle, baked in a large souffle dish instead of individual ramekins. Or savory carrot halwa, using the smaller amount of cardamom suggested in the range. In fact, when I made the carrot halwa my husband's first reaction was that it tasted like a Thanksgiving side. Or, go super-simple with roasted delicata squash wedges with rosemary. Delicata squash is so yummy that it doesn't need any gussying up. Best part is, you can eat the skin so no peeling required!
Spaghetti squash with ricotta, sage, pignoli, and parmesan
Coconut carrot souffle
Savory carrot halwa
Cranberry sauce

This one's a toughie. Unsweetened cranberries are almost unbearably tart and bitter, so it's difficult to devise something without lots of sweetener. Cranberry, apple, and onion chutney is a preparation where you expect it to be savory rather than sweet. It has lots of sauteed onions and spices like mustard seed, curry powder, and red pepper flakes. This makes it a perfect relish to complement turkey or ham. I also made sugar-free cranberry-grapefruit relish with mint, though I used quite a bit of artificial sweetener for that.

Veggie sides

There's a lot, so let's just blitz through these:
Rosemary mashed "potatoes", without a steamer 
Spicy parmesan green beans with kale
Broccoli rabe with garlic and pepper flakes
Balsamic-glazed rainbow chard
Cauliflower puree with roasted garlic, chevre, and asiago 
Oven-roasted mustard greens with bacon


Finally, dessert. Everyone went wild over pumpkin tiramisu. I've also made pumpkin pave, kind of a cross between crustless pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. Other fall-appropriate desserts include dairy-free mini cheesecakes with bacon-apple topping and beet-chocolate cupcakes with goat cheese frosting.
Pumpkin pave 
Dairy-free mini cheesecakes with bacon-apple topping 
Beet-chocolate cupcakes with goat cheese frosting


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