Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thick & chewy Nutella protein cookies

I made a guest post over at Protein Pow with a recipe for thick & chewy Nutella protein cookies. Click here to get the recipe, along with some weird food science and a surprise ingredient (hint: it's not vegetarian).


adrian said...

I made this cookie using almond butter. Then I tried using almond flour. I didn't notice a difference. (I pay $17/lb for almond butter and $4/lb for almond flour, and that is a big difference.)

I'm curious if you're going to post your recipe (mentioned in the post) for lemon bar crust. I tried to make something short-bread-like with almond flour but it just fell apart into crumbs, even with the addition of beef protein. I thought this might be easier to do low-carb since sugar doesn't play an important structural role, but I gues not. I tried mixing beef protein with water and it didn't bind together like gluten does, so it looks like it's not a universal solution.

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