Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A week of freeze-ahead crock pot meals (Whole30 approved!)

Back in October, I posted a menu with a month's worth of freezer meals. You can read about that here. However, a lot of people noted (rightfully so!) that it is an awful lot of work. So, I created a scaled-down alternative. This will give you a week's worth of meals, rather than a whole month. There's an added bonus, too: these meals require no cooking on your prep day. Each meal is cooked in the crock pot the day you want to serve it for dinner. Like the larger menu, all of these recipes are Whole30 compliant.

Once A Month Mom classifies these as "dump recipes". Essentially, these are recipes where you combine everything in a freezer bag and then just dump it into your slow cooker the morning you wish to eat it. You can thaw it in advance but I never do, I just increase the cooking time and put everything in there still frozen, stirring it halfway through.

I did not include breakfast or lunch, but you can feel free to add on from the full OAMC freezer menu. In particular, the meat and veggie mini-frittatas are a great way of using up any meat and vegetables that are left over after you do all your other prep.

This menu makes five hearty dinners with four servings each. You may have enough leftovers to stretch it to seven days for a family of four. Or, you may only be cooking for one or two people, and thus have enough for two weeks!


Instructions for your big cooking day are available in this Google Doc.
The grocery list for the entire menu is available at this Google Doc spreadsheet.

Are you a person who likes to see menus visually? Check out the menu on Pinterest.


Alex said...

Wow, this looks super-cool! I plan on trying the beef stew this week.

Alex said...

Found you through fitocracy, btw!

Sweet Baby Jem said...

This may be a dumb question but I just need a little clarification: I assemble all the ingredients and freeze them, uncooked, including the meat? I think this is correct but I'm not -entirely- sure... lol

Erica said...

@Sweet Baby Jem: Yep, freeze everything!

Erica said...

@Alex: Awesome!! What is your Fitocracy username??

wendi.a said...

Thanks so much for this! I'm starting my first whole30 1/7, and I was getting a bit overwhelmed by all the new recipes and new ingredients. This one week set of freezer meals is exactly what I needed to ease the transition, and I'm looking forward to going shopping this afternoon!

Erica said...

wendi.a, hope it works out for you! It's a lot of prep work but it pays off :)

Anonymous said...

This is a whole30 revelation and you are an inspiration! I did one once before and felt great, but it was nonstop cooking and cleaning. Getting ready to start again and this will be fantastic. One question on the optional cauliflower rice- you freeze the individual raw portions, like in a paper muffin wrapper? Or they stick together in the the tin and then you pop them out? Also, on the eating-day of the meal, do you microwave to defrost? It was uncooked, right?

Lisa said...

I have already tried two of the meals I froze, and they are delicious! Even my husband and kids like them! Thanks for putting this all together and making my first Whole 30 a tastier, more convenient experience!

Scottlan said...

These look perfect for my upcoming Whole30! If I freeze ahead and dump everything into the crock pot still frozen, by how much should I increase the cooking time?

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