Monday, October 8, 2012

A month of Whole30 make-ahead freezer meals

I added a new page to the site: a month's worth of make-ahead freezer meals that are Whole30 compliant! Check it out here:


Juliet said...

This idea has me REALLY intrigued. I've been making my veggies and meat ahead but only about a week at a time (and freezing some). I am seriously considering recruiting my male half to go grocery shopping and help me take on something like this, this weekend!

Do you get bored eating frozen meals or do they taste just as good thawed/reheated?

Erica said...

@Juliet: A LOT of the recipes are ones that you freeze ahead of time in a bag and then dump in the crock pot (I never even thaw first). So they are still freshly-cooked meals for the most part, largely because I prefer them that way. A lot of them can go either way...I've done the souvlaki for lunches and I just freeze it raw and then cook individual thawed portions in the AM on the George Foreman grill. The breakfast sausage can be frozen cooked or raw, etc.

I've never actually done a full OAMC myself, though if I did a Whole30 I might. However I frequently do once-a-WEEK-cooking and freeze everything. I also sort of do it lazily and incrementally sometimes. Like I will make double the portion of a dinner and freeze half. I'm alllll about pre-freezing stuff :)

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