Thursday, June 2, 2011

Other peoples' recipes

This is a different sort of post than I normally make. Rather than posting one of my own recipes, I thought I'd toss up some links to recipes from other food bloggers. These are recipes that have become staples for me that I find myself making over and over again. If you enjoy this, let me know in the comments and I'll do a link dump every so often.

The kimchi, bacon, and shittake omelette from Closet Cooking is probably my husband's favorite dish that I have ever made. It sounds strange, but it is so tasty and easy to make. I always keep a big jar of kimchi around so that I can make it on a whim. The omelette filling would definitely translate well to other dishes, such as the pizza I made.

There are about a million recipes for grain-free protein pancakes out there, but this one is my favorite. I love the pumpkin protein pancakes from I Love Feta Cheese. I also add a teaspoon of baking powder to make them extra fluffy. I prefer the protein pancakes that use a veggie like pumpkin to add some extra nutrition.

I'm a huge fan of the green chile egg casserole from The Fitnessista (scroll down that page for the recipe). It's sort of like a crustless quiche, but I really like the texture from adding sour cream. Sometimes I substitute egg whites or Eggbeaters for some of the eggs and it's still great. If I have some scallions on hand I might add some of those as well.

Red Curry-Roasted Salmon with Green Beans, Red Bell Pepper, Mint, and Basil from Sidewalk Shoes is incredibly easy and tastes far more complicated than it is. I use Thai basil and I generally buy the bags of pre-washed destemmed green beans to make it even simpler.

These are more of a once-in-a-while treat due to the high calorie content, but the snickerdoodles from Genaw are my husband's all-time favorite cookies, low-carb or otherwise. He will take these over conventional flour-and-sugar cookies any day.

Finally, now that it is summer, I'm often in the mood for frozen treats. The frozen cottage cheese "ice cream" from Healthy Indulgences is a protein-packed way to satisfy my sweet tooth.


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