Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog Like a Caveman I: Winter Greens

This is the recipe roundup for the first ever Blog Like a Caveman paleo food blogging event! The theme was winter greens, as I thought we could all use some excitement about the few seasonal produce items in the dreary winter months. I will randomly choose a winner tomorrow, who will receive a gift certificate to and gets to choose the theme for next month.

Let's get started!

Lori from I Am Hungry, What's For Dinner? made a steaming pot of pork stew with kale. I'm glad to have this recipe in my arsenal, as pork chops are always on sale lately but all of the recipes I've seen involve lots of sugar or sugary items. But a nice hearty stew is perfect in the cold weather!

Cait from Paleo Perfectly cooked up a Greek hash using chopped kale along with ground beef and lots of Mediterranean flavors. Rather than leaving big chunks, the vegetables in this dish are finely chopped so that her small children will eat them without complaint. Though I am sure that kids and adults alike will enjoy this!

I think that broccoli is one of the most underrated vegetables for roasting. Usually we see roasted zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, mushrooms, asparagus, and so on, but broccoli seems to be relegated to the steamer. However, the flavor is so unique when the broccoli gets all nice and brown and crispy. Of course it can only be improved with the addition of bacon! Nom Nom Paleo did exactly this with Roasted Broccoli & Bacon. I will definitely be trying this one myself!

Dear Hayley and Bill from The Food Lovers Primal Palette: I am extraordinarily jealous of your stunning food photography skills! They served up a lovely and delicious side of multicolored sauteed kale with toasted pine nuts. Click on over to their blog to get the recipe, see a pictorial of the different steps, and read about some of the nutritional benefits of this super food.

Joe was inspired to experiment with xanthan gum in order to primal-ize a favorite recipe. His chicken with leek sauce looks so creamy and delicious that I have to pronounce it a resounding success!

As a Jew of eastern European descent, I grew up eating lots of stuffed cabbage. As most of the recipes involve rice in the filling and lots of sugar in the sauce, this is one comfort food that has been relegated to "cheat meal" status for me. However, Sarah from Everyday Paleo saves the day, serving up a riceless beef filling in a simplified tomato sauce, with a little bit of diced apple for sweetness. She also demystifies the cabbage roll process with a video tutorial. Check out her post here!

True story: I went to Lyon for my honeymoon and was at a bouchon, trying to decipher the French menu. There was one item which claimed to be a "salad", and I recognized the words for egg and bacon so I figured I'd give it a go. It was absolutely delicious (an egg poached in red wine along with slab bacon and some other garnishes), but there wasn't a speck of green and my husband and I kept giggling about was a great "salad" this is! Amy from Grok On Rock served up a dish with similar elements, and I was delightedly reminded of that meal when I saw the word salad in the title -- however, she includes lots of healthy and delicious sauteed collard greens. I LOVE eggs in savory non-breakfast dishes and this is one that I will definitely be trying.

She also made Middle Eastern collard wraps, which demonstrates a great option for those who want something burrito-like but don't want to eat a refined-flour-and-shortening pancake tortilla. Wide, flat collard green leaves make a perfect wrapper, especially for her mid-east flavored filling.

Why on Earth have I never thought to make creamed spinach using coconut milk?? Patty from Following My Nose made a fantastic-looking Coconut Creamed Spinach, which also includes artichokes and bacon. This is a great option if you can only find frozen spinach!

And finally, my own contribution was Creamy Cashew Chicken Soup with Kale.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted an entry! I hope that this food blogging event will continue to be successful. I will choose a winner tonight and announce the next theme as soon as I get in touch with him or her.


Patty said...

Every single one of these looks and sounds so delicious...I don't have to worry about planning my menu for next week, because I will be trying most of these recipes. I'm so glad you starting doing this Erica!

Lori said...

Erica, Excellent job!! Like Patty I just found some new things to try out this week!! I love all the different ideas! I was getting stuck in a rut over here LOL.

Richard said...

These all look great. I've already written down a few that we're going to try. Awesome job putting this together.

Ginger said...

Decisions, decisions! I don't know where to begin!

Trixie said...

Hi Erica!
Do you have a low carb eggnog recipe??

Blogger said...

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