Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Slow-cooker chicken tagine

Ohh, how do I love my slow cooker. Yes, I know that it's a foodie taboo, conjuring up images of housewives and onion soup mix, but I can't get enough of the much-maligned appliance. Anything I dump in there is magically transformed into something butter-tender and succulent, and I get to come home, the house smelling terrific, feeling as though someone already prepared a meal for me. So I'm always thinking up new possibilities for it.

(side note: If I'm going to keep up this blogging thing, I'm going to have to learn some new tricks for food photography...)

I used skinless, bone-in chicken thighs for this. I just dumped it in the crock pot with Moroccan preserved lemon, a ras el hanout-esque spice mix, fresh garlic and ginger, hot paprika, saffron, diced onion, and a spicy cracked olive mix. I let it cook in a little chicken stock, hit the top with fresh cilantro, and served alongside some quinoa which I cooked with orange juice, onion, figs, and dried apricots.


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